Andrew Tu

Student at Northeastern University

I am an undergraduate student at Northeastern University pursuing a 5 year, 3 co-op, combined major in Computer Engineering and Computer Science. I have an avid interest in learning and applying new skills to real world problems.

Over the next five years, I plan to continue developing academically through my courses and additional research opportunities available to undergraduates. I plan to develop professionally through the Northeastern co-op program and through professional organizations (such as Toastmasters International and IEEE) in the greater Boston area.

When I am not working, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, venturing into the outdoors, and ballroom dancing. I also enjoy exploring new avenues, especially avenues related to food.

- Andrew Tu

"Felix, A Rich Learning Experience in Mobile Robotics"

"Bridging the Internet Between Land and Sea"

"Programming Acoustic Modems for Underwater Networking"

"Software-Engineered Library Development to Support a High Performance Machine Learning Visualization System"

"Hacking your Data – The Hard(ware) Way"

"Undergraduate Lab Fair opens windows into worlds of research"

"Getting Involved"